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We ensure that our people are highly trained and equipped with industry knowledge as they are the professionals who represent out company. It is our aim to provide services that are professional and up-to-par with the industry standard.

Our business is all about connecting the right people for the right purpose. Whether it’s our shareholder, business partners, property developers or clients, we treat everyone with respect and trust- which is reflected int the way we provide our services to all.


International Associates

We also draw from its pool and international associates in specialised field of property should such a needs arise. 

Expertise Associates

A globally integrated, expert executive team guides OSID International’s industry-leading advisory, brokerage and management operations. Proven leaders with broad and deep experience in their fields, our executives focus and direct to successfully meet and exceed the expectations of our clients wherever they need our services, worldwide.


Professional Associates

Our project team consists of professional architects, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electricity consultant, quantity surveyor and real estate agencies personnels which have vast experiences in their respective field. 


Our team possess a broad portfolio and weel-round business skill in ensuring a high level and customer service at all times with exceptional interpersonal skills for building support with a diverge range of people.